For Astrology Courses
“The course has been a joy and a challenge, I felt supported during the whole year and the material was expertly presented. For anybody who is either a complete beginner or who has a core knowledge of astrology, this course will take you deeper and further than any other method of learning astrology”

“I wanted to get a deeper knowledge of the planets, and by learning with astrodrama it surpassed my expectation”

“The quality of the teaching has been fantastic. Everything well explained and learned on a very deep level with an experiential element. It has surpassed my expectations with how much I learned, I did not expect it to be so transformational on a personal level”

“I enjoyed the presentation over each weekend, it has been varied and well facilitated. The astrodrama is excellent for grounding the info.”

“The astrology course was an extremely enjoyable and enlightening experience. I had so much fun in a safe and creative environment with lovely people.”

“I had some previous knowledge about astrology but felt that I needed a more in-depth understanding as astrology can be read in so many levels. I can say that I received all the necessary knowledge and guidance. I’m really looking forward to Year 2″

“The course has been life changing for me and given me strength to march on with what is ahead. John has created a beautiful space where we could all share our life-stories which in itself, has been truly healing”

“John offers a fantastic introduction to Astrology. The astrodrama/experiential aspect of the course creates a very unique workshop”

“The material has been brilliant, I really like the ongoing learning sessions via Skype”

For Astrological Consultations…

“John uses his immense knowledge of astrology to really listen and describe how it applies personally to an individual’s life. I felt seen deeply on my spiritual path, affirmed and guided as to what next and how best to respond to the changes so that they become growing transformational experiences.. I felt a real sense of perspective of the bigger picture for me and for humanity and the kind of unique way I am designed to contribute to the world.” (Amanda Stafford, Brighton, UK)

“My ‘readings’ with John have been rich in my soul’s perspective intermarried with the way in which the cosmic rays dance through my life. He has taken me through previously unknown doorways and clarified others. I felt inspired and encouraged, even empowered, by John’s gentle and poetic manner. I have been moved by his extensive knowledge of astrology and enchanted by the unpretentious way in which he makes the ‘reading’ a moving experience. Without the slightest hesitation, I send all those to him who are looking for something ‘special’.” (Elizabeth de Jonge, Brussels, Belgium)

“Thank you John for such an inspirational and eye-opening consultation on my astrological chart. The clarity that you brought to personal issues (that I have struggled with for years) has brought a peace of mind that after years of therapy I have never achieved! As a result of this new awareness I feel like I made an “astronomical” leap in my progress and it was fun! (Sarah Cooke, Brisbane, AUS)

“The astrological reading was an incredible catalyst and the timing was perfect. The word that sums it all up for me is “acknowledge”. I was able to acknowledge (accept) my feelings. I felt acknowledged in a sense that I had acquired knowledge of myself. I was able to acknowledge and recognize my true self.” (Jane Coggins, Brussels, Belgium)

“I gained a great deal of personal insight into areas of my personality and skills that I have previously been denying. I found this personally empowering in helping me develop my own work. John’s method of working is extremely sensitive. He was able to use his perception and intuition to make his astrological reading relevant to my life as it was at that point in time. He also presented it in a language which I could comprehend. I found this particularly valuable as I had no previous experience of astrology, and carried a uneducated and sceptical view of it.” (John Owen, Brighton, UK)